AMPED Software

Amped Softrware S.R.L - это динамично развивающаяся копания, специализирующаяся на разработке программных решений для обработки цифровых изображений и фотографий для нужд правоохранительной деятельности и корпоративных расследований. Обладая сетью стратегических партнеров во всем мире, компания AMPED стремится удовлетворять постоянно меняющиеся требования и опережать потребности наших клиентов. Компания AMPED создавалась с одной целью: "Стать мировым лидером в производстве программного обеспечения для криминалистического исследования цифровых изображений и видеозаписей".

Amped was founded in 2008 by experienced engineers working with the Image Processing Laboratory at the University of Trieste, Italy, with the single mission to create software that every forensic video analyst would dream of, the one stop shop for any image and video processing need related to security and investigations. As working forensic scientists, we did not find one single product that met all of our needs. We found that products offered were a compromise of features or were incomplete and required other software to accomplish common tasks. Since nothing met our standards, we decided to create Amped FIVE as an uncompromising product. Since its inception, Amped has been recognized as an innovator in the national and international arena. In 2008, barely a year from its founding, Amped was awarded the best Italian start-up at the Tech Garage business competition, held during SMAU trade-show. In 2010 Amped has been presented in the book "Winning Italy: Almanac of Italian Excellence" by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which highlights significant innovation and achievements by Italian companies and individuals. Amped was highlighted as a leader in scientific accomplishments in a world class group which featured prominent companies such as Ferrari and senior "Big Bang" CERN researcher, Lucio Rossi.

Amped FIVE, our flagship product, is used by government agencies, forensic labs and security companies worldwide. Amped experts have worked on hundreds of case, some of which have been of national and international importance.

Amped Software North America is Amped SRL’s US based office serving the Public Safety, Commercial Security, and Defense markets in the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico. With a well-earned reputation for innovation, quality, and leadership; Amped Software N.A. provides full service sales, training and technical support for Amped products. Amped Software North America is registered as a US Department of Defense contractor and sells DoD compliant product.