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Banks interested in fraud decrease and reduction of costs related to clients maintenance at its offices, may propose private customers additional instrument of security by means of physical PIN confirmation of requests sent to their mobile to prove action. Those actions cover online internet bank access and related transactions, bank call center approach, requests and applications of bank services/info from bank web page and even cash withdraw from ATM machines. Business customer of the bank may sign payment documents, and letters without need of physical presence in bank office of having connection to the bank via its remote PC client.

In the corporate field, mobile signature is perfect wireless extender of normal signatures for documents and emails. For instance, HR systems supporting mobile signature and certificates used by the company, allow manager signing his/her subordinate HR related applications immediately after reading them on mobile.

State organizations employees, deploying e-tokens in electronic purchasing tenders and trades may apply their signatures without need for physical usage of dongles with e-token and PC.

Mobile signature plays major role in e-government programs. It allows building flexible system managing citizens requests (i.e. register real estate, applying for passports etc) in the single window mode reducing time of such requests processing and people efforts. With mobile signature, there is no need to visit federal or municipal entities with applications or information requests. Moreover, having SIM card enabled with mobile signature and account in bank that is part of the system with service providers (i.e. providers of electricity, gas, water and other home utilities) may communicate with such service providers over the internet. For example, information about current electricity balance could be available for those registered on the providers web page using mobile signature. Than data from home electricity counter may be entered in the system, relevant bill generated and paid from the bank account using mobile signature. For sure, mobile signature solution does not solve alone all tasks related to the process of building electronic flows of communication between citizens and organizations; hence, it plays the key role in this process.

From the mobile operators and bank perspectives, mobile signature possess all characteristics to become highly demanded service since either possibility to effectively communicating with authorities remotely is welcomed by the majority of people who once spent time in a queue.

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