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UFED Touch 2


ESTER Solutions is a certified distributor of UFED in Russia, including technical support and training.

Speed. Usability. Portability. The high performance UFED Touch2 delivers all three, ensuring unprecedented access and defensible forensic evidence -- every time.


UFED Touch2 users benefit from:
• In-depth physical, file system, password and logical extractions of evidentiary data
• Unmatched support for the widest ranges of leading mobile devices and operating systems
• Proprietary technology and boot loaders ensure forensically sound extractions
• Complete field-ready kit offers compact tip connectors with four master cables for extraction and charging during usage
• High-resolution, multi-touch, intuitive touch-screen display
• Frequent software updates ensure ongoing compatibility with all new phones introduced to the market
• Available in both standard or ruggedized editions

Easy to use and deploy, the UFED Touch2 brings comprehensive digital forensics capabilities wherever they’re required. Available loaded with either UFED Ultimate or Logical software, it comes mission-ready with a complete suite of supporting applications, peripherals and accessories*.





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