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Sky Mobile references Ester Solutions:


On behalf of our Company, I wish to appreciate Ester Solutions for successful OTA campaign operation changing Service Provider Name "Mobicard" to "Mobi". The success improved new brand Sky Mobileawareness among youth of Kyrgyzstan Republic. More than 800000 SIM cards were updated over-the-air from October to December period in 2007.

Currently we are implementing project "PLMN update". Within this project SIM applet "Roaming Optimization" will be loaded to our subscribers SIM cards over-the-air. SIM applet will maximize registration of our subscribers in our network near country boundaries and in the roaming networks of our partners.

Ester Solutions has well organized relationship with its customers starting from project planning and ending with launching project in commercial phase.

I wish all employees of Ester Solutions great achievements in their work and I hope on fruitful partnership in the future.

It is a pleasure to work with you.


Svetlana Krygina,

Head of Product Development Department
Sky Mobile, LLC

14, build. 2, Spartakovskaya sq., Moscow, Russia, 105082
phone: +7 (495) 991-80-89, e-mail: info***
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