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In summer 2008, Sitronics Smart Technologies, LLC and Ester Solutions, CJSC signed agreements under which Ester Solutions developed world first intellectual system "Remote Application Management Service Node" (RAMSN). The system was installed in Megafon network. RAMSN system is designed for:

a) management of massive OTA downloads of large size SIM applications over vendor independent OTA platform;

b) individual SIM applet installation/removal initiated by subscribers SMS request and managed through interactive OTA dialogue between subscribers DSTK-enabled SIM card and RAMSN server;

c) individual SIM applet installation/removal in Operators Point of Sale through smart-card reader and RAMSN PC-based client, connected with RAMSN server through TCP/IP.

In December 2008, RAMSN system was put in commercial operation by Megafon. This system was integrated with the following Megafon's network nodes:

  • OTA DP7 platform of Smurttrust (WIG, SFMEX, DB)
  • Network Monitoring System (NMS)
  • Active Directory (AD) used for access rights management

RAMSN PC-based client was installed on 30 PCs in Megafon Points of Sale in Moscow. The system ensures Megafon with simultaneous load of 400 SIM applications through all interfaces: OTA, interactive OTA and PoS. First SIM applications available for OTA load became Kaleidoscope service (Interactive Cell Broadcast) sizing to 13kb. and Home Zone service, sizing to 16kb. By means of RAMSN, millions of Megafon subscribers will have access to Kaleidoscope and Home Zone without need for changing SIM card by visiting Operators points of sale. And only those who use very old SIM card will be offered to replace SIM card. For service selection and its OTA installation, Megafon subscriber shall send empty SMS to 000222.

According to Megafon specialists with such smart system as RAMSN, all you need is to have 64kb. SIM card, select Megafon service on the MegafonPRO portal and install it on SIM without any hassle. First time in the world, subscriber can sit down on the chair and personalize his/her SIM card over-the-air with any availavle services of personal interest. Megafon will benefit from savings on high-end SIM cards purchases and effective use of already sold SIM cards' memory ensuring new cash flows.

Ester Solutions own exclusive rights on RAMSN system.

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