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Euroset references Ester Solutions:

Euroset expresses gratitude to Ester Solutions for high level professionalism demonstrated during mutual project setup in Euroset retail shops for providing "Kopirka" service. Евросеть

Within mutual work Ester Solution delivered UME-36 devices (produced by Cellebrite, Israel), provided maintenance, technical and information support. Functionality of the device equipped Euroset sales force with ability to provide service for transferring critical customer information such as phonebook, SMS, multi media files and pictures. The sales are able to serve Customers fast with minimal efforts.

Separately, I want to accent on time deliveries of UME-36 software updates and new cables. These let us be ready for service provision for contemporary handsets as well as top selling models. Your employees always express sincere interest and are fast in solving any working issues.

We do hope on mutually beneficial cooperation in the future.

Vladimir Kudryashov,

Head of Mobile Commerce Department


14, build. 2, Spartakovskaya sq., Moscow, Russia, 105082
phone: +7 (495) 991-80-89, e-mail: info***
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