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About Ester Solutions

Ester Solutions develop and supply vendor independent open standards platforms and software for SIM cards, including SIM applets and applications for SIM files access and management at Points of Sale. Founded in 2005 by Russian experts in SIM technologies, Ester Solutions proposes mobile operators systems and services, heavily adapted to Customers requirements and needs. We updated over 8,0 millions different SIM-cards over-the-air by means of "ESSO OTA": from loading SIM applet "Roaming Management" to SPN update, SMSC number change, PLMN and FPLMN files update etc. Working with the largest mobile operators in East Europe, such as Mobile TeleSystems, Vympelcom and Megafon, Ester Solutions developed and supplied variety of high class platforms "ESSO OTA", "ESSO Personal SIM", "RAMSN", as well as SIM cards applications "Roaming Management", "ESSO Personal SIM", "ESSO SIMbackup", all of which have registered rights of Ester Solutions in Russian Patent Authority.

Our References

Megafon-Moscow (brand Megafon, Russia) - RAMSN system integrated with Smurttrust DP7 platform solving objectives for individual and mass campaign load or delete large size SIM applications such as Home Zone and Interactive Cell Broadcast. SIM applet delivery is initiated either by SMS request to short number 000222 (SMS interface), by PC-based requests in PoS (POStool interface) and by administrative web GUI (ADMINtool).

NUR Telecom (brand O!, Kyrgyzstan) multiservice ESSO OTA platform integrated with SMS Center through SMPP connection, delivered for SIM applications load to the USIM 128kb cards as well as for Cellbroadcast channels management.

Sky Mobile (brand Mobi, Kyrgyzstan) - multiservice ESSO OTA platform integrated with centralized VAS management system and GSM network through ESSO SS7 gateway. ESSO OTA allows Sky Mobile simultaneously operate several OTA RFM campaigns (SPN update, SMS number change, PLMN/FPLMN update) and RAM campaigns loading SIM applets (Roaming management, ESSO Personal SIM, SIM backup). Supplied ESSO OTA has additional modules:

  • ESSO Personal SIM, enabling dynamic services and structure change in SIM- contained inthe applet ESSO Personal SIM;
  • ESSO Roaming Management, designed for lists form of preferred and forbidden networks in SIM applet ESSO Roaming Management, load applet over-the-air, activate and deactivate applet operations;
  • ESSO SIMbackup, responsible for load SIM applet ESSO SIMbackup over-the-air on SIM-cards, initiate contacts backup on the server in forced mode or in response to end-user request, restore contacts on new SIM card

Mobile Telesystems (Brand MTS, Russia) - SIM application (SIM applet) Roaming Management was designed to enable registering roam subscribers in the subsidiary and partners networks, ensure immediate return of roam subscribers to preferred network if subscriber registered in non-preferred network, triggering handset refresh. The application also allowed control in boundary subscribers remain or return to home network in case SIM card determined neighboring LAC and forced SIM to register in the roaming network while physically being in home location.

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