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Corporate colors and logo

Logo of group of the companies ESTER: success, motion, communication.

Logo of group of the companies ESTER expresses the following ideas::

  • Round forms symbolize positivity, perfection and assure in thoroughness.
  • Combination of red and dark grey colors gives a sense of dynamism, power and unflagging energy, it clearly gives to understand about gravity and importance of settlements.
  • Emblem's design is identified with wings by motion symbol of fly as well as thoughts, imaginations and spirituality. According to ancient Greek philosophers wings are the symbol of rationality and superiority.
  • Specially developed font for logo look sharp, reliable and friendly.

It is admissible also the use of bright logo on the dark background.


14, build. 2, Spartakovskaya sq., Moscow, Russia, 105082
phone: +7 (495) 991-80-89, e-mail: info***
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