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21 October 2016

Every year we hold a seminar for members of the security agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The theme of the seminar this year, "Modern technologies of computer and mobile forensics and analysis of information." With the program you can get acquainted below

4 October 2016
"Ester Solutions" with partners "Oxygen Software" and "Passware" is organising a forensic conference "Forensic Eurasian Forum", November 14, 2016 Venue: Moscow, hotel "Cosmos"


13 February 2016
Under construction
5 February 2016
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26 November 2015
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31 March 2015
ESTER Solution introduced "NUIX Cybersecurity" - monitoring solution for user devices and ethernet servers
13 February 2015
Under construction
27 November 2014
Under construction
21 November 2014
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28 May 2014
Under construction
24 April 2014
Under construction
24 December 2013
Under construction
18 June 2013
Under construction
18 April 2013
Under construction
26 July 2010
Ester Solutions completed its largest contract for Russian Federal Bureau of Drugs Control after three years of the partnership with Tselevye Technologii, the supplier for forensic departments of Russia law enforcement agencies.
4 June 2010
Authrorized HTC service centers offer services for instant mobile data transfer and backup via UME-36PRO, a device produce by Cellebrite, Israel
3 April 2010
North American operator launch smart mobile voice services with OTA platform and SIM applications, developed by Ester Solutions

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