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Contacts for mass media

CJSC ESTER Solutions is a company that satisfies high standards of disclosure. Our company has a great experience of cooperation with Russian's business paper in the IT field and Telecommunications. We are interested in further development of this cooperation.

We are ready to provide you with all the interest information to you about our business that is not secrecy in business. Our site should play a visible role in access simplification to the information for mass media representatives.

At our site you can find both general information about our company and all corporate news, as well as relevant information about products and companies solutions.

You can use our logo and our brand colors for decoration of materials situated in section Corporate colors and logo.

If you did not find any useful information at our site, you can ask us questions: by phone: +7 (985)-991-80-89, by e-mail:

We are welcome the preparation of publications about our company and we are ready to place very interesting materials at our site in section Mass-media publication about us. Send us your materials with source pointing and insertion date.

14, build. 2, Spartakovskaya sq., Moscow, Russia, 105082
phone: +7 (495) 991-80-89, e-mail: info***
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