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Legal information

The following rules are spread on all visitors and users of this site. Using site's materials the consumer agree with these rules. Company CJSC "ESTER Solutions" reserves the right to change these rules and instructions as its own convenience. In case of breaking rules, ESTER reserves the right to apply legal means against breaker. These rules are spread at current and future visitors of site ESTER.

Company do nor bear any responsibility for accuracy and actuality of information posted on a website.

ESTER reserves the right to change made available programs, services and products at any time without advance notification. Link on products and services of third party is made in informational purposes. It does not mean that ESTER supports and recommends them.

All information posted on a website goes under sign "as is" with likely errors, without guarantees of any form, explicit or implicit. ESTER and its suppliers is not provide a guarantee including no limit guarantee correspondence to market demands, guarantee of applicability for use in specific aims, guarantees of nonifringement and guarantee come up due to use or sell. ESTER and its suppliers is not bear responsibility for any indirect, direct, real or indirect losses, including no limit missed profit or losses due to product change. Losses came up due to use or unavailability of this service or other ESTER services. Losses due to use of secure information even if ESTER and its suppliers was admonished against potential losses.

Responsibility limitation for probable event's information

Some information of this website may contain projects or forecasting declarations in regard to up coming events or future financial company's arrangements. We would like to warn you that the real course of events or results can differ from posted at our website declarations and prospectus. We are not intended to review these declarations with the aim to conform them with real results. Risk factors can be the result of project's contradiction and forecasting declarations and real results. It includes check against delivery subject to change by quarterly results, competitive conditions, dependence of new services development and tariff structures. Quick changes of technological processes and the situation at the market, strategy of obtainment, risk concerned with telecommunication's infrastructure. Risk of work at Russian market, variations of share quotation. Risk concerned with financial management as well as other risk factors.

Links on third parties' websites.

This website may contain information about third parties' websites. Switching to any other web site concerned with this web-site is performed at its own fear and risk of user. ESTER is not bear responsibility for data information strictness, gospels, advice or declarations posted on these web-sites. ESTER provides with links to other web-sites for user friendliness and it does not mean that ESTER approves content of these web-sites or bear any responsibility.

Limited license

Herewith ESTER gives you a right to copy materials, posted by ESTER on this web-site only in non-commercial purposes. This information cannot be used in other plans. As a result, copying any materials of this web-site you are agree that will reserve the author's rights and appropriate marks of the original. Except for above mentioned all other activity will be interpreted as indirect, intended or any other license's assumption or rights on patent, trade mark or assumption of ESTER's author's rights or the third party.

All information of this web-site is protected by author's rights. Except for above mentioned cases, this information cannot be copied not for toffee form, not for toffee means without preliminary written acceptance of ESTER. Visitors and users is prohibited to change, spread, post web-sites materials for public or commercial aims.


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