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About us

January 24, 2011

Since 2005, Russian company ESTER Solutions supplies and supports mobile forensic solutions usedby Russian state and commercial customers, provide Value Added Services to mobile retail networks and service centers, and develops software for SIM cards for traditional and virtual service providers in Russia, USA and Europe.

In 2010, we created specific OTA platform and related SIM programs used to manage outgoing calls (Call Control) in country and in roaming, multiple subscriptions (MultiIMSI), and organizing services in Dynamic SIM-menu for MVNO providers of smart roaming and national long distance calls in Russia and USA.

With partners solutions, in mobile retail networks and service centers, we provide mobile phones configurations with GPRS Internet and MMS settings via OTA; copying, backing up and restoring phonebook, SMS and media files.

We supply, train and support forensic solutions used for extraction and analysis of mobile phones and SIM cards data: deleted data, files, contacts, SMS, media files, notes, calendar, passwords, GPS geotags, and other information.



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